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Psycho-diagnostic and psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents


Psychological assessments can look at a number of different areas of your life, depending on the purpose. At Storms and Rainbows Psychology, our focus is on psycho-educational assessments. This type of assessment is a thorough, comprehensive assessment that looks at someone's cognitive (intellectual) abilities, the way their brain processes information, their academic achievement, and their social, emotional, and behavioural functioning. Through these assessments, we can determine your strengths and weaknesses, provide any diagnoses that might arise, and make recommendations for support and success in academics and other areas of functioning. 

Our assessments may diagnose learning disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), giftedness, and mental health disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression).


In an ideal world, every child would be provided with a psycho-educational assessment. Knowing a child's strengths and weaknesses, even if there is not a specific area of concern, can help shape a child's learning environment and can provide them with helpful tools for success.

That said, here are some important indicators that an assessment might be strongly recommended for your child:

  • their teacher has raised concerns to you, either about lagging academic achievement or behaviours in the classroom, or has mentioned that they would benefit from an individualized education plan (I.E.P.)

  • you feel that your child is "falling through the cracks" at school

  • you are concerned about your child's skills in reading, writing, or mathematics

  • your child has extreme difficulty paying attention, following instructions, or sitting still

  • you notice that your child avoids eye contact, seems to struggle with communication, or is having difficulty with peers and friends

  • your child is demonstrating mental health concerns (e.g., high levels of anxiety, low mood)

  • there has been a significant change in your child's abilities (e.g., did well in elementary school but is now struggling in high school)

  • you are an adolescent going to post-secondary school and you need an updated assessment (required by most post-secondary institutions)


Our practice is currently focused on providing services to children and adolescents from the ages of 3-19 only. If you are outside this age range and interested in an assessment (e.g., a young adult in post-secondary education), please contact us via email to discuss possible options.


Our current fee is $250/hour, and psycho-educational assessments typically require anywhere from 9-16 hours (i.e., anywhere from $2250-4000 for a full assessment). An average assessments costs approximately $3250.

However, our assessments are individualized and tailored to your needs, and so there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to assessments. For example, an assessment for a 4-year old querying possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will be a smaller, less costly assessment than a 14-year old querying possible ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, and/or ASD. Please see the detailed breakdown below to give you a better idea of what to expect. At your intake/consultation appointment, a more specific estimate of time/cost will be provided to you, once we have heard all your background information and concerns.

Assessment Steps and Costs


Intake/Consultation Appointment

1-hour virtual initial consultation appointment ($250)

Typically held with parents only (if client is <16)

This appointment will include a discussion of current concerns, relevant background information, and goals for an assessment. At the end of the appointment, an assessment plan (including a more specific quote) will be discussed and testing sessions will be booked (typically beginning shortly following the initial appointment)

Can be billed under child or parent name


Testing Sessions

In-person sessions (typically in 2 or 3 hours blocks) that will involve hands-on activities, academics, and questionnaires

Some of these sessions will be with Dr. Barnes and some may be with our psychometrist

4-8 hours, $1000-2000

Can only be billed under child's name



Typically a 6 hour charge ($1500), may be less/more depending on length of assessment

Will be provided within 2 weeks of feedback session 

Can be billed under child or parent name


Feedback Session

1-hour virtual feedback session ($250)

Typically held with parents only (if client is <16)

All results will be explained, diagnoses (if any) are communicated, and recommendations are discussed. 

Can be billed under child or parent name

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